Merci… ça fait plaisir.

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Why is it, that when it comes to women singing breathily down a microphone, their eyes closed and their body swaying to the gentle beats of the music, that French women somehow manage to do it so much better than everyone else??

Is it due to their inbuilt sexual magnetism which seeps its way into their music, seducing listeners on the way? Or is it French woman's sophisticated nature, which reflects itself in the tunes, or could it be the way that when a song is sung in French it sounds a million times better than in any other language?

Who knows? French women are one of the eternal mysteries of life, and singer Isabelle Antena is a lady who epitomises her kind to perfection. Her Best Of album 'L'Alphabet Du Plaisir' is a collection of the artist's work from 1982 to the present day.

For those of you who have never heard of her name before, Antena started out in a French jazz trio called Antena, before going on to collaborate with artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Henri Mancini (of Pink Panther theme tune fame) and other jazz greats. Her music is a mix of Brazilian jazz, funk and soul and the result is absolutely breathtaking. 'L'Alphabet Du Plaiser' is an album packed with 20 beautiful tracks full of energy, life and passion. A real treat to listen to!

author : Charlotte Otter

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