VVVIPP at Liquid Sky

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(by the way , someone mailed me that Liquid Sky was a shop in NY in the 90's , the answer to them: It was mostly a movie from the 70's , as well as an acid .. but this is another story)

I'm so please to be part of the very very very important party people (title of a future song that was partly composed that night.)

India is fun , Liquid Sky is fun , Axailes is fun fun fun!!!

you've seen some pictures of the garden empty , this day , there was up to 500 people in this little lovely place

The dress code was Sexy , wild and fairy ...

I was the wise guardian of the temple in sari

some of us had a long night that night (know what I mean?)

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Karine 31/01/2007 15:51

Quelle idée ..