Why I cancelled the US tour after NY.

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I received some mails asking me why I didn't play the dates where I was supposed to open for Andrew Bird.
So maybe , I shall give a little explanation as well as my apologies for those who where waiting for this. I 'm not a difficult person and Izzy is my surname but this tour organisation was just a mess. No money , obliged to drive miles and miles myself from one place to the other , no hotel rooms booked etc ...
I don't want to play the star but I only do things when it's fun . That' s what music is about to me. As long as we've been opening for Thievery Corporation (Chicago , Detroit and Minneapolis ) , it has been great.
To play Milwaukee and even the date at the ESL club in DC was fun .
Then in NY I did the Tonic date , felt really ill ( I had lost 5 kilos already in only 10 days), asked Andrew Bird 's management to just not play at Rhodes Island (4 hours driving from NY , plus coming back after the show because no accommodation there for us) . They answered that I had no choice , that if I didn't go to Rhodes Island I wouldn't do the rest of the tour.
So , I choose. Sorry , but nobody can tell me what I have to do.
End of the tour , but it was good in the way it gaves us time to go and party with Thievery after their show at the Spirit and also to do a bit of shopping with Steve Mak in NY .
It took me two weeks to recover from that awfully tiring trip and I was told that if I'm not stronger than that , I'm not gonna make it in America. Really ! at my age , after all those albums I've done , and all those I've got to do ... Do I really care ?
My time is precious. I've done all those "rock and roll " tours already and I don't need that anymore.
I'm pretty sure I'll go back to US but next time with a band and a proper tour management.
I'll be in Canada next week. I'll write from there.
Speak soon .
Lots of love

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