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Merci… ça fait plaisir.

Our Rating : 9/10Why is it, that when it comes to women singing breathily down a microphone, their eyes closed and their body swaying to the gentle beats of the music, that French women somehow manage to do it so much better than everyone else?? Is it...

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British review of EDI

Apparently, this is Isabelle Antena's first full purely bossa nova album. It comes complete with covers of Henry Mancini and Tom Jobim songs. This is an extremely happy record. It is the work of a European who has fully assimilated the bossa nova sound....

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Camino del sol reviews

A friend just called and said, Is it time to start setting shit on fire? Another friend, this one a journalist based in Munich, said they d been emailing voters in Clark County (Las Vegas), asking them not to put God s dun back in office. To which, a...

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